Innovation: ‘Tuteria’ Brings Tutors On-demand

As more developing nations engage the technology innovation sphere, we can expect more products and services designed to address specified issues that affect those loving in similar conditions. The engineering innovation award was launched in 2014 and rewards innovators in sub-Saharan Africa.

Godwin Benson (Nigeria) designed Tuteria; a platform that links qualified tutors to students in their local area and preffered budget. Mr Benson surpassed 16 other participants to win the £25,000 ($32,000)s reward.

The app allows students to book lessons using an online payment system and Tutors are paid once the lessons have been confirmed.Tuteria takes up to 30% commission for each paid lesson and has a rating system to gauge user satisfaction and system efficiency.

As we see the education need and availability change with the waves of technology and  global data access, platforms like Tuteria may become the new norm in self education and skills enhancement.



Winnie Okello

About Winnie Okello

I Graduated from Bucknell University with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering. I Currently work in the Transportation Sector where I oversee The Strategic Recycling Program for promoting, and facilitating the use of recycled materials in civil engineering applications. I also facilitate the state-wide stormwater management program and regulatory compliance assurance within the transportation sector. Areas of Specialty: Civil -(Roadway & structural analysis) & Environmental Engineering, Water Resources, Environmental/ Regulatory Compliance, Sustainability, Materials Recycling, Research, and implementation.