Top 3 Startups revolutionising job search in Nigeria

Jobberman Office

Jobberman is one of the simplest and most far-reaching job search engines for employment seekers in Nigeria.

Thousands of Nigerians flock to the internet on a daily basis in search of jobs. Despite the explosion of apps, websites and other tools for job applicants seeking to optimise their hunt for employment in Nigeria, many are still unable to use the technology available to its fullest potential.

There are however some startups that are making real strides in combating this dilemma. If you have your CV ready and are looking for the best free job portals, then look no further as, shares …read more

Africa’s is Just Waking Up to the Potentials of ICT

VENTURES AFRICA – Since the turn of the 21st century, Africa’s has seemingly become more aware of the potentials of ICT and have improved the willingness to receive the innovative concept into almost every fragment of its society. From finance, through communication and education, to agriculture and commerce, Africans are reaping the rewards of this embrace as ICT is gradually reshaping its socio-economic landscape. This, Stanley Jegede, the CEO of Phase 3 Telecom, an emerging Nigerian fibre-optic service provider, believes is no where near its climax.

In an interview with Ventures Africa, Stanley tracks the rapid growth of the ICT sector …read more