World’s First Drone Airport Is Planned In Rwanda

British architect Norman Foster wants to bet on drones to make up for the insufficient infrastructure in the continent. He believes that drones are capable of delivering time sensitive supplies to remote areas, and he chose Rwanda to test his case. This concept will be called a “droneport”.

Why Rwanda can provide the cheapest internet in Africa

VENTURES AFRICA – At the recently concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Rwanda was ranked the African country with the most affordable internet by the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), This, however, raised eyebrows over how a country with just 12 million people will beat economic powerhouses like Nigeria, Morocco, and Kenya, all of which have populations that are double or more Rwanda’s.

“The country’s broadband connectivity has become a key competitive differentiator in the global economy,” said Jean-Philibert Nsengimana, Rwanda’s Minister of Youth and ICT. “We have made significant progress already for the widespread adoption of ICT, particularly in sectors …read more